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This website ( is a personal project of mine (Douglas E. Nevill, Sr.) that I developed because I was looking for this online myself and could not find it.


You may download the eKVJ free.  There are NEVER ANY ADS!  After you have downloaded, you will be able to read OFFLINE on any device (desktop, laptop, pad or smart phone).

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The eKJV website and free, digital downloadable version that I have developed are both free to use.  The downloadable version is not for sale.  However, if you appreciate it, you may make a donation of any amount.

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Sponsors make it possible for me to continue to maintain this site and add value to it.

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There are NEVER any ads on the FREE, downloadable eKVJ.  No exceptions, so don't ask for this, please.

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I have created a Q & A page that lists the most commonly asked questions and their answers.

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The eKJV is a website that provides an easy to use King James Version Bible tool online with both a simple and advanced search function as well as a free (and always Ad Free), downloadable KJV in plain HTML that you may read offline with any computer or mobile device.