Work and Watch Gardening

Work and Watch Gardening

Work & Watch Gardening is a personal project of mine.  My name is Doug and my primary source of income is Best Way Websites.  I am the architect of the program.  It is a website builder and CMS (Content Management System) for small businesses.

I grew up in Texas and have lived in Washington State since 1986, and on the Olympic Peninsula (home of the Olympic National Park) since 1993.

I Grew Up Gardening

We always had a backyard garden.  I can remember tomatoes, beans, turnips, corn, and squash.  I'm sure that there was a lot more, but those are the ones that I remember.

My First Garden

I must have had my first garden when I was about 4 years old.  I planted popcorn and pinto beans on the south facing side of our home, then in Corsicana, Texas.

We actually harvested and ate the beans, but I remember that my little popcorn that grew ended up getting worms in the little ears ... so we ate the worms instead.  Not really.

Organic Gardening

I wasn't exposed to organic gardening until I first subscribed to Rodale's Organing Gardening magazine as a young married man.  My dad I remember was a fan of Miracle Grow and Sevin Dust ...



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