Purchase eKJV on USB Thumb (Flash) Drive

Purchase eKJV on USB Thumb (Flash) Drive

You may Purchase the eKJV on USB Thumb (Flash) Drive and I'll mail it to you.

  • Just plugin to USB on any of your devices and open it.

This is an 8 GB flash drive with the eKJV installed on it for you.  

  • 8 GB is 8192 MB
  • the eKJV uses only 6.32 MB
  • 8185.68 MB (7.993 GB) Free on drive for other storage needs
  • Make a $25 donation and I'll mail it to you via USPS first class.  (Only in the USA)

Please Note: you may download this project free, so if you've got a USB drive that has at least 7 MB (NOT 7 GB!) free you can do this yourself and save the $25!  You are just paying me to do this for you.



Permission Granted to Redistribute

If you want to make copies of this project and redistribute it, you may do so as long as you are not charging for it.

You can buy USB thumb drives for a few dollars each, so if you want to do this as gifts, please do.  Just don't sell them.

Share this Download Link

You may also share this download link with anyone via social media or email or QRC (below).  It is always free for users to download this project.  


Here is the direct download link: https://www.ekjv.org/ekjv-zip/ekjv-zip.zip 


Just scan the QRC below with your mobile device to download the eKJV.

QRC Download the eKJV Free

For QRC to Download, Email this URL below or post in social media.





The eKJV is a website that provides an easy to use King James Version Bible tool online with both a simple and advanced search function as well as a free (and always Ad Free), downloadable KJV in plain HTML that you may read offline with any computer or mobile device.